Aries Capital NW, LLC is a small Pacific Northwest locally owned and managed niche lender. We have the advantage of constructing personalized loans to meet your needs and the needs of your project and investment goals. If you are a fix and flipper, a rehabber, a real-estate investor or you just want to buy and hold we have a loan program with the loan profile you need. Aries Capital NW understands that “Cash Is King” and when you need to gain liquidity in order to seize an opportunity we are here to give you liquidity.


Aries Capital NW, LLC’s underwriting guidelines will vary depending on the location of the subject property and the project type. Loan-to-values (LTV) of 80% based upon the estimated after repair value (ARV) with required loan holdbacks to finance those repairs are common. We grade each loan based upon the collateral, the borrower’s financial strength and congruence. Congruence analyzes the borrower’s skills compared to the project, the desirability of the subject property and other factors. A failing underwriting grade can be improved by the borrower cross collateralizing the loan, increasing the holdback for repairs and or decreasing the amount of the loan. Borrowers with normal, bruised or poor credit are encouraged to apply and will need to demonstrate underwriting strength in other factors.

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